Strategic Asset Allocation and Multi-Asset Portfolio Management

Bespoke Solutions

  • Delft Partners has a joint venture with The Global CIO Office, a MAS licensed fund manager in Singapore, to provide asset allocation services including strategic and tactical asset allocation, manager analysis and risk measurement and management of multi asset portfolios.
  • The Delft proposition combines experience, sophisticated quantitative tools, client oriented flexibility, and the best practices of large global firms in managing and advising multi asset portfolios.
  • We collaborate with clients to assess their investment and risk appetites, time horizons, and asset class preferences.
  • Our strategic asset allocation modelling combines actionable forecasts from our economists, multi asset portfolio managers and private and public fund analysts.
  • We provide access to key decision makers and are open about the dynamics behind the forecasts of risk and return. We are flexible with regard to what the client wishes to see and understand.

Investment Team

  • Delft Partners Team
  • Gary Dugan Investment Committee Member, Multi Asset Portfolio Manager
  • Johannes Jooste Investment Committee Member, Research and Strategy (Fixed Income)
  • Han van der Dong Investment Committee Member, Public and Private Funds due diligence
  • Doug McWilliams Economic Advisory Team Member
  • Bill O'Neill Economic Advisory Team Member
  • Mark McFarland Economic Advisory Team Member
  • Our latest materials can be accessed here as well as some recent market analysis
  • Please contact Gary Dugan or Robert Swift for further information