How To Invest

Investment strategies are available in three formats.

Contact us for more details on which approach may be most suitable.

Trusts / Commingled Accounts

Individually Managed Accounts – IMA

  • Global High Conviction
  • Available to Australian based wholesale investors with a minimum of A$250,000 to invest. The stocks are directly held by the client in their nominated account name. An IMA structure provides transparency and flexibility and allows investors real time access to their portfolio.
  • In order to invest you will be directed to our distribution partner TAMIM Asset Management.

Model Portfolio Service – MPS

  • Global High Conviction
  • Asia Small Companies Fund
  • Global Infrastructure
  • The MPS has been designed as a service for institutional accounts and family offices. We produce optimal model portfolios using our existing strategies.
  • Under the model portfolio service, we agree terms of disclosure frequency of portfolio holdings. Our recommended strategy allocation is implemented through your pre-existing trading, custodial and licensing arrangements. This enables you to implement our research and investment process while being able to leverage existing relationships with brokers and custodians.
  • Delft has partnered with C8 Technologies in order to provide access to the Delft strategies as a Model Portfolio Service. C8 Technologies provides a Direct Indexing platform, allowing an asset owner to easily track and implement the underlying portfolio trades. Please contact Delft or C8 Technologies for more details