Privacy Policy

Delft Partners Pty Ltd (or its affiliates or group companies) does not sell or licence information about its clients to third parties. Nor do we sell client lists of client information details to third party or external marketing groups.

We understand that the confidentiality and security of the personal information that you have shared with us is important to you. That's why we have developed specific policies and practices that are designed to protect the privacy of your personal information.

In the event that we collect private information from you on your behalf in order to conduct business it is only carried out within the scope of providing that service with your consent.

In the event regulatory or contractual requirements need us to collect, store and maintain your details without your consent then we are obliged to do this from a regulatory or contractual point of view, and will treat all information in the same high standard as all information is stored.

We encourage you to read this privacy statement carefully.

Information we may collect or ask others to collect from you on our behalf.

(e.g., your name, e-mail address, telephone number, birth date, government or social security number/tax file numbers. investment objectives, etc.),

We safeguard your information in a number of ways. For example:

  • We do not sell or license lists of our clients or the personal, non-public information that you provide to us.
  • We restrict access to the personal, non-public information that you have shared with us.
  • We maintain strict employment policies that prohibit employees who have access to your personal, non-public information from using or disclosing such information except for business purposes.
  • We take substantial precautions to safeguard your personal, nonpublic information. For example, we use an encrypted Document storage system that requires password access.

IB uses the personal, nonpublic information that we collect from you to service your account and meet regulatory requirements to comply with AML, KYC and other contractual obligations should you enter into agreements with us.

We will also use your contact details for newsletters, promotional material and other information that relates to the products that we offer. In the event you wish to unsubscribe from these newsletters or other information that we provide, please contact us and ask to be removed from the mailing lists. So long as we are able to do so and are not restricted from regulatory requirements that enforce us providing you with information we will remove you from these lists.