About Delft Partners

April 11, 2019

API Capital has rebranded as Delft Partners. There is otherwise no change to our investment process, personnel or products. We hope you like our new website. We believe it more clearly sets out what we do and our views on investment markets.

We all met recently in Delft, NL and decided to acknowledge the initiative of launching the Asia Small Company investment strategy by choosing a name that reflects the nature of how we, as experienced investment professionals, came together to provide better opportunities for investors.

Delft Partners seemed appropriate the more we investigated the social and economic history of the town. It was the centre of European innovation engineering (including wind power), science, fine arts, open trade and economic engagement, especially with Asia. Such a combination raised living standards very rapidly during what became known as the Dutch Golden Age.

We similarly believe that the combination of science and art and an exchange of ideas with others are the keys in building a successful investment management business.

For more information on our strategies and investment opportunities, contact us on +61 3 9018 5238.